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Art that heals veterans - FEATURED

A veteran finds healing in the arts and then helps others. ‘A Way to Talk About It,’ finding healing in art and then helping others.   For Futher Information —   CreatiVets’ mission is to provide combat veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury with opportunities to use art, music, and creative writing […]

Marianne Moore & other best poetry


New Collected Poems of Marianne Moore (FSG), edited by Heather Cass White, gives readers a fresh perspective on the legacy of Marianne Moore, considered one of America’s most influential modernist poets. Moore, whose awards included a Pulitzer Prize, was hailed for her precise language, penetrating descriptions and keen observations. 

Poetry Still Lives and Shines — Luiz Valério


Poetry still lives and shines — In the current global editorial market, it can be observed that oftentimes a novel is considered (or treated) as some sort of Holy Grail of literature whilst other literary genres face a less glamorous status or, at least, do not receive the same level of appreciation by many readers. […]

Christopher Jamaul Jones — WRITER


Interview with writer Christopher Jamaul Jones — 1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Christopher Jamaul Jones, mostly known as CJ Jones. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, though I reside in Central Texas.  I’m a published author, on and off again actor and currently Editor in Chief at Pridebuzz.com. 2. Why […]

A Portrait of the Artist as . . .


A Portrait of the Artist as a Young African Immigrant The novelist Yaa Gyasi and the artist Toyin Ojih Odutola — both born in Africa and raised in the same Alabama town — have become two of the finest observers of race in America.  

Emmanuel Carrère — WRITER


How Emmanuel Carrère Reinvented Nonfiction Late last October, as American electoral pandemonium was approaching its climax, I was in a living room in Paris where the 59-year-old French writer and filmmaker Emmanuel Carrère was talking about shame. “To write disagreeable things about the self, dishonorable things,” Carrère told me, reclining like an analysand on a […]

How to Write a Perfect Scene — WRITING


How to Write a Perfect Scene – by writer Lucy Adams   Any literature work consists of scenes. A thorough work on the plot of the story does not absolve the author from an equally thorough work on the scenes. Speaking in military terms, the polishing of scenes is tactics in the war for good […]

Michael Andreev — Artist/Writer


Михаил Андреев Зоттегем, Бельгия, 2016 Интервью с Исполнитель / Писатель Майкл Андреев – 1. Кто вы и что вы делаете? Я не столько художник, сколько арт-критик. До 40 лет я вообще был далек от искусства, а потом все изменилось. Раньше мои способности проявлялись в математике и физики, я получил высшее образование и степень кандидата физико-математических […]

Choosing a Topic for Your Future Book — WRITERS


How to Choose a Topic for Your Future Book – by writer Lucy Adams It is no secret that a writer often experiences some uncertainty when coming up with a topic. Whether to choose something that will certainly please the audience or take a chance and develop some personal idea, which may not cause a […]

The Ideal Library — WRITING


The Ideal Library by Luiz Valério de Paula Trindade —   Some years ago I used to have a private library at home holding slightly over 1,500 titles and for me, that was an amazing achievement. Not only due to the number of titles per se that I considered quite reasonable by that time but […]