Exposición Música Visual — el 1 de Abril


Exposición Música Visual Lewinson Art en conjunto con Miguel Ángel Acosta Lara, se unen para organizar la exposición colectiva “Música Visual” en la cual los artistas expresan este maravilloso tema en diferentes técnicas y estilos.     Queremos agradecer al Presidente Municipal, Lic. José Juan Espinosa Torres, por facilitar el acercamiento del arte al público […]

Lourhraz Abdelaziz — ARTIST


Interview with artist Abdelaziz —     1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Lourhraz Abdelaziz, I’m a Moroccan artist. I’m a teacher of fine Arts at a public school in the city of Agadir. I have chosen to be an artist since I was young. Honestly my mother used to draw in […]

Brian T. Port — ARTIST


Interview with artist Brian T. Port —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Brian T. Port and I paint what I like to call “Figurative Still Lifes” in a contemporary realist way. I’m just your average married father of two who is trying to paint masterpieces in between […]

Mark David Lloyd — ARTIST


    Interview with artist Mark David Lloyd —         1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Mark David Lloyd I am a British Contemporary artist.         2. Why art? I have always made art, it’s what I do. Art is who and what […]

Ramya Sadasivam — ARTIST


Interview with artist Ramya Sadasivam — 1. Who are you and what do you do? I am Ramya Sadasivam, a freelance artist from Chennai. I am a full time artist. My work as such involves only practicing art, doing commission and customized works and to apply for awards. I am also in the process of preparing […]

Stephanie Skolik — ARTIST


  Interview with the artist Stephanie Skolik — Lewinson Art is organizing two exhibitions for the artist Stephanie Skolik. The first one will take place in the Jewish Sport Center in Mexico, on the 14th of February. The second will be in the Cultural Institute Mexico- Israel, on the 5th of March.  This interview was conducted by […]

Michael Andreev — Artist/Writer


Михаил Андреев Зоттегем, Бельгия, 2016 Интервью с Исполнитель / Писатель Майкл Андреев – 1. Кто вы и что вы делаете? Я не столько художник, сколько арт-критик. До 40 лет я вообще был далек от искусства, а потом все изменилось. Раньше мои способности проявлялись в математике и физики, я получил высшее образование и степень кандидата физико-математических […]

January 2017 COVER


See Richard’s article – Richard Chandler Hoff — ARTIST

E. Charles Rolwing III — ARTIST


Artist E. Charles Rolwing III in his own words —     The making of art is for me a journey of construction and destruction.  Each stroke comes out of my very soul, I paint with my heart on my sleeve. The most I can offer is to be honest to my emotions, to lay […]

Malinda Prudhome — ARTIST


Interview with artist Malinda Prudhomme —   1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi! I’m Malinda Prud’homme and I’m a full-time Mixed Media and Portrait Artist working from my cozy little studio in Toronto’s Art & Design District. The focus of my work is female portraiture as I hope to express that […]