Steve McElroy — ARTIST


Interview with artist Steve McElroy —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Steve McElroy and I am an artist. My primary mediums are oil on canvas and India ink and pencil on handmade paper. I started creating art later in life … [Read more]

Veterans find healing in Art – ART EMPOWERS

Art that heals veterans - FEATURED

A veteran finds healing in the arts and then helps others. ‘A Way to Talk About It,’ finding healing in art and then helping others.   For Futher Information —   CreatiVets' mission is to provide combat veterans … [Read more]

David Hockney — Nov. 27 – Feb. 25


Give it up for David Hockney, one of painting’s elder statesmen, and for his crystalline retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which proceeds in a string of perfectly curated mini-exhibitions. Check at the door the usual caveats and … [Read more]

Exposición Abstracciones — December 10th


Exposición Abstracciones — El próximo domingo 10 de diciembre, se inaugurará la exposición Abstracciones, organizada por Lewinson Art en el Foro Artístico del Centro Deportivo Israelita.       Esta … [Read more]

ART — Changing Our World!


Empowering Traditional Women Artisans — 1. What is your organization, and what do you do? Ruas is a social enterprise created to empower traditional women artisans through the power of co-design and by raising awareness about their historic … [Read more]

Elena Trifonova — ARTIST


     Интервью с художником Елена Трифонова —   1. Кто вы и что вы делаете? Меня зовут Елена Трифонова. Живу в России в городе … [Read more]

Why the Obamas’ Portrait Choices Matter — ARTISTS


    Artists Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald to Paint Official Obama Portraits — Barack and Michelle Obama don’t like to waste an opportunity, in word or action, to make larger points about contemporary life and culture. In that … [Read more]

Ari Barkan (Update 2017) — ACTOR


Update interview with actor Ari Barkan — "Having Conquered Gotham and Blacklist, this "Big Dog" Now Has His Sights Set On Even Bigger Goals.” 1. Hello Ari, since your article 3 years ago in Arts Illustrated, you’ve been very busy. What’s … [Read more]

Sigal Ron — ARTIST


Interview with artist Sigal Ron —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Sigal Ron. I am an addicted  Israeli painter.     2. Why art? Art is an essence of being free.     3. What … [Read more]

Exposición Musicalización de la Forma

Deborah Prum - "Danzantes"

Exposición Musicalización de la Forma - 22 de Octubre —   Lewinson Art tiene como objetivo difundir el arte y promover a artistas de gran talento a través de su galería virtual, así como a través de exposiciones en diferentes … [Read more]