Warsaw’s Art Scene — ART


On Friday evening in Warsaw, a small crowd swelled in an unlit courtyard outside the city’s temporarily closed Museum of Modern Art. Young Polish hipsters and foreign arts professionals rubbed elbows as they edged their way towards a door, with the determination of eager club-goers keen to kick off an all-nighter. In actuality the event they were lined up for was a performance by the American artist Cara Benedetto. Inside the museum’s foyer, participants were asked to share their name and sexual preference. Two flat screen monitors visualized the data in a glitchy spreadsheet that cascaded off the screen as it updated in real time; a wine glass emoji popped up beside a name once a person had collected a beverage. The enthusiastic swarm, and the experimental nature of the event, was testament to the unexpected and well-attended art scene that was on full view at the sixth edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend.