Art & Life with Frank Herrmann – Voyage ATL

Art & Life with Frank Herrmann   I am the older of two sons born to a homemaker mother and an auto mechanic father from Westmont, New Jersey, and the first person in my family to graduate from college. I received a B.A. in painting from Western Kentucky University in 1969 and an MFA in […]

Morton Davis – Art for the sake of Depth and Meaning

Interview with artist/writer Davis W. Morton about his new book — “Art for the sake of Depth and Meaning” Portraying beauty is the purpose of art for many people. For others, art can also be “art for art’s sake,” or design. And for over a century art has continually shown us new and different ways […]

Marcos Varanda — PHOTOGRAPHER

Entrevista com o fotógrafo Marcos Varanda — 1.Quem é você e o que você faz? Meu nome é Marcos Varanda, paulistano, 57 anos , fotógrafo, colecionador, curador, empreendedor, incentivador cultural e acima de tudo, um inquieto.     2.Porque a fotografia? Meu primeiro contato com a fotografia foi através do meu pai, um amante da […]

Gordon Parks’s early years — National Gallery

A National Gallery show examines Gordon Parks’s early years   He was the youngest of his father’s 15 children. He wrote in his high school yearbook that he wanted to be “a general or a Jazz Sheik.” Gordon Parks fell short of those goals, but in the process of failing, he became a poet, novelist […]

Hope Kroll — ARTIST

Interview with artist Hope Kroll —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a California-based artist specializing in hand-cut paper collage. I use cuticle scissors to dissect illustrations and diagrams from old medical texts, technical manuals, Audubon books, vintage photographs and encyclopedias to create elaborate and multi-layered three-dimensional collages.   […]

Edval Pessoa — ARTIST

Entrevista com o artista Edval Pessoa –     1.Fale um pouco sobre você. Edval Pessoa, nascido em Altamira – PA, Brasil em 1969 mudou-se para Ribeirão Preto — SP, onde vive até os dias de hoje. Assim, descobrindo o mundo das artes. Seus primeiros contatos com a arte foram ainda na pré-adolescência, através do […]


Interview with Audio artist Paul Hazel —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a white guy of a certain age with a mixed Anglo-French heritage. I am divorced but have two lovely children. I live with a generous, intelligent, and honourable woman who is a visual artist. My family […]


Interview with photographer Max Herridge —   1. Who are you and what do you do? “My name is Max Herridge and I am a 19 year old artist/photographer based in central London. I identify as non-binary and am currently studying at University of the Arts London. English Literature, History and graphic Design were my […]

Kátia Almeida — ARTIST

Entrevista com a artista Kátia Almeida –   1. Fale um pouco sobre você. Brasileira, residente em São Paulo/SP- Nascida em São Paulo/SP-Brasil,em julho de 1965, trabalho com arte desde 2004. Formada em comunicação Social.     2. Por que a arte? Eu diria: Porque não arte? E ainda porque não viver de arte… sim […]

Krystyną Ruminkiewicz — ARTIST

Wywiad z artystą Krystyną Ruminkiewicz — Krystyna Ruminkiewicz- członek Związku Polskich Artystów Malarzy i Grafików. Tworzy w różnych technikach malarskich. Inspiracje czerpie z licznych podróży. Swoje prace prezentowała między innymi we Włoszech, Słowacji, Niemczech i Belgii. Jest właścicielką galerii, gdzie prezentuje nie tylko swoje prace malarskie, ale również inne wyroby artystyczne.     1) Kim […]