Armen Daneghyan — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Armen Daneghyan —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am a visual artist, based in Yerevan, Armenia. For over 40 years in art, I have created a new art direction, called Modern Miniature Art. It is a mix of Medieval Miniature Art traditions, enriched by Modern […]

Trisha Lambi — ARTIST

Interview with artist Trisha Lambi —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Trisha Lambi and I’m a visual artist from Australia. I’m an oil painter and I love figurative painting although I do venture into landscape and still life painting when the whim takes me. I’ve been an […]

Bojana — ARTIST

Interview with artist Bojana —   1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Bojana. I’m a multidimensional artist. I make art with messages for the betterment of humanity. I’m currently deep in the zone of consciousness and quantum mechanics as I’m trying to solve some conundrums about existence. We all have […]


Interview with artist JR CHUO —   1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m JR CHUO  and I am a contemporary paper cut artist based in the UK. My artworks are inspired by patterns and forms found in nature, such as in coral reefs, and are grounded by traditional Japanese aesthetic […]

R. F. Bongarten — ARTIST

  Entrevista com o artista R. F. Bongarten — 1. Fale um pouco sobre você. Reinaldo Fernandes Bongarten,nome artístico é R.F.Bongarten tenho 35 anos, sou casado com Hellen Laís Henschel, tenho um filho chamado João Pedro. Moro em Assis estado de São Paulo/Brasil, fiz curso de desenho na infância, pelo Instituto Brasileiro de Cursos. Atualmente […]

Cathy Breslaw — ARTIST/WRITER

Interview with artist/writer Cathy Breslaw —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am Cathy Breslaw , a contemporary visual artist. I am also an arts writer reviewing museum and gallery exhibitions. I have written for several publications and I have a blog: I also teach Art History at Coastline […]

Boubacar Tangara dit kokè — ARTIST

  Entretien avec l’artiste Boubacar Tangara dit kokè —   1. Qui êtes-vous et que faites-vous? Je m’appelle Boubacar Tangara dit kokè, artiste peintre Réalisateur Multimédia malien visant à Bamako.     2. Pourquoi l’art? L’art est ma vie , c’est mon cheminement intellectuel et de talent inné de Dessin qui ont fait que je […]

Expo Virtual “El Reflejo” — ART

  Expo Virtual “El Reflejo” —   Lewinson Art convocó a los artistas a participar en la expo virtual con el tema “El Reflejo”, el cual es muy interesante ya que hay diferentes formas de interpretar este tema, podría ser el reflejo de una persona en un espejo, por otro lado en el agua se […]

Patrice Grangeon — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Patrice Grangeon — 1. Who are you and what do you do? Hello, my name is Patrice, I was born in France, I lived in Nice, the city of painters. I have lived for 15 years on a wonderful island in the middle of the Indian Ocean – Reunion Island. I […]

Shruti Vij — ARTIST

  Interview with artist Shruti Vij —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am an Indian based artist who’s originally a Leather designer by profession, I blended my artistic skills with my experiences in the fashion field, bringing about a perfect marriage of my two passions.     2. Why […]