Matthew Carey — ARTIST

Matthew Carey

Matthew Carey

Interview with artist Matthew Carey —


Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Matthew Carey. I’m an artist from London, living in Southern Spain.


"French Bulldog"

“French Bulldog”


Why art/ what’s your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
Both my parents are artists,so the smell of pure turpentine, oil paint in the scrunched up tubes, the colours and their paintings (and those of the rest of the world) were an integral part of my childhood, a comforting familiarity. More importantly, perhaps, whatever it is I have to say, art is the only medium I can use to say it with.

Your favourite subjects / how do you work and approach each subject?
My work is generally in two distinct veins. What I would call my more “personal” work always seems to end up being about us ( human beings), and our fragility beneath all the layers, and began with a fascination with armour, both real and imaginary. I prefer to work on a fairly large scale and with oils, partly because my technique involves the manipulation and removal of wet paint and doesn’t allow me to use fast-drying acrylic. It’s rather like painting in reverse, or drawing with light. I also paint animals, using both the above and conventional techniques, because I enjoy painting such a wonderful subject and it’s good to have a break from humanity sometimes.


"Triptych - 1"

“Triptych – 1”


"Triptych - 2"

“Triptych – 2”


"Triptych - 3"

“Triptych – 3”


What are your favourite artworks/artists?
It’s difficult to single out favourite pieces of work, the focus shifts from day to day, and there are, of course, many artists whose work I love or admire. Mark Rothko, Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Joaquín Sorolla, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, Howard Hodgkin, Henry Moore, Paul Gauguin . . . it’s a long and varied list.





What are the best responses you’ve had to your work?
Most people’s responses to my work has always been positive,which is important to me because on some level I need the reassurance about what I do and it’s impact. Having said that,my favourite comment was from an elderly lady who said my paintings “didn’t make her happy,” which,in a perverse way, assured me that I was on the right track.


"Scan Portrait - 6"

“Scan Portrait – 6”


What do you like about your work?
You have to be happy with the end result or it never leaves the studio and to get there can be a long, frustrating process. What I like about my work, what I always aim to achieve, is a certain luminosity, vitality, depth, balance, a sense of calm and of course the finished painting has to say what I want it to say. I am very pleased with my technique, which is unusual, fast and effective.


"Gorilla Portrait"

“Gorilla Portrait”


What advice would you give to other artists?
I think every artist has their own set of obstacles and distractions. It’s very difficult sometimes to stay focused and creative because life isn’t easy unless you’re extremely lucky( or you have rich parents). In the end it’s a matter of self-discipline and determination in the face of whatever the world throws at you.





Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I have to be optimistic and assume I will still be here, and painting more successfully (in every way) than I am now.





Matthew Carey

Matthew Carey