Swapna — ARTIST


Interview with artist Swapna —

1. Who are you and what do you do?
Hi I am Swapna. I hail from a place called Ghoti, near Nasik, Maharashtra, India.and have completed G.D Art and ATD in Painting. Professionally, I have completed more than 20 years as a solo artist. I have exhibited my paintings in several national and international events. Through my paintings I have got recognition and have also been featured in media and magazines. As a reward of hard work I have also received few awards namely- Rastriya Gaurav Pruskar (2009) through ***** and Glory of India- Gold Medal in Painting.


“Surprised & Amazing”


2. Why art ?
As per my opinion, Art is everywhere. If you are not the one creating it, you can be the one embracing it. Art is like a food to me or may be to all the artists in the world. You need it just everyday. Art is the only thing that can express our mind without speaking a word and it also makes the viewer happy. It is powerful enough to move people or sometimes the whole nation/ world. Art is the best therapy and for me it has the divine force to calm me entirely.



Art stimulates in us a better feeling of contentment and happiness. It is universally accepted that art has healing properties. Many times when other things don’t work, art works best as a healer. Art helps you to enjoy each and every single thing you do, be it house chores or other petty work. With art you are more efficient and more creative to bring out best in everything. I have lived like that, always. I do all my work like it is some form of art to me. Be it chopping vegetables, speaking, grooming myself or decorating my house. These are just a few examples. When you do things artistically you don’t feel like putting efforts and you automatically give your 100%.


“Three Generations”


“Face 1”

3.what is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
There have been many inspiring situations and many inspiring people around me my whole life. So to put up just an incident would be very difficult. Whole life has been a struggle with a learning process along. And for that learning, there has always been someone close to me who has pushed me to conquer what I dream of. In My this journey, from childhood to being a professional artist I have sought inspiration from my parents, my elder brother and my husband. They were always around to motivate me. when I was down. One that I want to be an example of consistent hard work and other, I keep learning from other people’s failures and mistakes. No wonder paintings are a product of some inspired incidents of life. All my paintings have some hidden story behind them. My real life conversation and observation turn to some piece of art, through which I show my understanding of different cultures and I save them in my art. Dried leaf inspired me of what waiting turns out to be and hence I have a painting called ‘Waiting’. Not just incidents or situations but looking more minutely then people and nature inspire us. Each day we have something to rise up and learn and to create.


“Untitled 2”


4.what are your favourite subject  and media?
My favourite subject is composition with nature & human beings. My favorite media is acrylic, oil, and sometimes mixed media on Canvas.


“Quiet Relaxation”


“An Antique”

5.How do you work and approach your subject?
I have a fond memory of my village and tribal “Thakari” people there. And my painting captures their emotions. I have loved since childhood to observe their culture, their way of dressing up and therefore my paintings contain the same theme. These ‘Thakari people’ are a little dark in colour because they have to work under the Sun all day. And I depict their dark skin with blue color in my paintings. Their women have a peculiar yet unique style of dressing which is very fascinating. Along with which their jewellery and antique ornaments grasps all eyes. Most prominent of which is the “Bajubandh” made of silver and is worn on the upper arm. Another visibly prominent ornament is ‘Toda” it is a kind of anklet again made in silver and is very thick. All these are immensely enchanting to me and trigger in me a need to create a world of them in my paintings and explore with all possible creativeness.


“Mother & Child II”


6.what are your favourite art work(s), and artist(s)?
Every artist is special, they have vision,energy & uniqueness, although my favourite is “Starry Night” by Vincent Van gogh, and the figarative works of Thota Vaikuntam.

7.What are the best responses you have had to your work?
I have been lucky enough to receive compliments to from my near and dear ones. I remember  when my Painting has been sold at First day of the the exhibition  in Banglore, and the buyer’s as well as others warm wishes were “Amazing art work,” and “It is stunning and beautiful!” Also “Very detailed  and emotional  as well.” These are the most loved and precious comments  that I have received so far and secondly I remember the very pleasant moment when I got a “National Award ” in Painting.


“Summer Blossom”


8.what do you like about your work?
I love everything about my work. It gives me a world of hope, it’s my survival kit and it beautifies my each day.

9.what advice would you give to other artist?
Let your work speak for you.


“Autumn Harmony”


10.where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
In short Art is my passion, my life and is to be loyal to my art until my breath not only in specific version but also will have to do in versatile art and let my art touch the heart to every individual.









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