Mimi Revencu — ARTIST

Mimi Revencu

Interview with artist Mimi Revencu —

1.Who are you and what are you doing?
I am Mimi Revencu, a Mirabilist artist and I am someone who followed her destiny. I always had a calling for art and yet I became an economist and had a career in the field. But deep inside I never gave up art, only postponed it and eventually at a point I could no longer avoid it. After many years, I began to express myself through color.


“Girl With A Swarovski Earring”


2. Why art?
Because it’s a confession, a refuge and a way of feeling free.

3. What is the oldest memory of the desire to be an artist?
I never really thought of becoming an artist or at least I didn’t see it as a goal or a purpose in itself. I had teachers who advised me to go to art school but I never understood why I should follow other people’s artistic rules. What I wanted was to follow my own rules and my heart. I strongly believe that art is about honesty without constraints. My oldest memory…when I was 3 or 4 years old, my dad used to draw for me and that fascinated me. I can still vividly remember those drawings. And now, most of the times when I paint I feel that kind of serenity that one experiences mostly in their childhood, when they don’t have the worries of adult age.




4. Which are your favorite themes? And what materials do you use?
I work mainly with acrylic on canvas, but sometimes I use paper, ceramics, synthetic leather, metal or wood. I like to add textiles to my paintings as well, and Swarovski cristals or synthetic ones. I like mixed techniques. And I don’t have a favorite theme. I like to tell stories and I like each of my themes equally much.




5. How do you address a subject? What is your artistic process?
The process is not always the same. Most of the times I find the subjects inside of me. Sometimes I simply get a glimpse of the finished work, somewhere in the back of my eyes. And then I know for sure i have to go for it and turn that glimpse into reality.

6. What are your favorite artists?
It’s difficult to name just a few. I admire many artists, especially the ones that, like me, have a story to tell.


“Self Compassion”


7. What were the best reactions to your work?
My favorite moment was the first Mirabilist exhibition and the moment when we defined and launched Mirabilism. I feel those enthusiastic responses coming from many and very different people have defined Mirabilism itself. But there are many other moments in which I felt appreciated and touched in one way or another.


“Fisher King”


8. What is Mirabilism?
Mirabilism is art that expresses something related to our deep essence, universal and optimistic, separated from the daily life madness. I think art in general is meant to be perceived as inner vibration and Mirabilism is pure inner vibration at its best. I was told that my work is full of energy and this energy is transfered to the ones who look at my paintings. I was surprised to hear that, but then more and more people told me the same thing, most of the times like a spontaneous confession. And mirabilism is just that – the candid art that brings you in a candid reality.


“Hello Mimi”


9. What part of your daily work do you like most?
I like all of it, really. I like choosing my work materials, I like the process that adds up to each of my works, the dialogue I feel I have with the canvas, and also the mix of feelings I go through in the hours in which I sit in front of my easel.


“Face to face”


10. What advice would you give to other artists?
I don’t give advice usually, but I do wish everyone to follow their heart, and find inspiration and success.




11. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I see my work in more museums, galleries, homes and hearts.



Mimi Revencu


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