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Mikal Davis

Mikal Davis

Interview with artist Mikal Davis —


1. Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Mikal Davis. I am 25 years old and I currently reside in the  Niagara region of Ontario, in Canada. I am a multi disciplinary visual artist focusing on mixed media social and political commentary pieces.

2. Why art?
Art saved my life. I turned to art after a bout with deep depression and suicide attempts. Art has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I have been painting professionally for the past 4 years. I paint almost everyday now. Art has given me second life. One filled with art shows, exhibitions and the interview you’re currently reading.




3. What is your earliest memory of wanting to be an artist?
The earliest memories I have of art are with my aunt Sheryl at her house in the country when I was 4. I can remember writing short stories about my stuffed animals and running down to the creek to explore and draw with pastels. I can remember drawing a pastel landscape piece with my left hand after breaking my right arm, I’m right handed. Some of my earliest memories are of art and using my little imagination.




5. How do you work and approach your subject?
I like to work in my room with my easels and paint set up around me like a drum set almost. I approach my work in several different ways. I often paint a landscape and build a scene from an idea from there. My ideas come from magazines, the news, the weather, places I’ve been, books I’ve read and many other places. I like my work to send a message to people, to get them to think differently about the subject matter in front of them. I want it to leave a lasting impression on people.




6. What are your favorite art work(s), artist(s)?
My favorite painting is Guernica by Pablo Picasso. I love the energy it captures as well as the mood of the people of Spain during the Spanish Revolution. I try to convey a message in works and capture the Zeitgeist of society in my work as well. My favorite artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. His journey and success as artist are inspiring to me with the back story that I have.




7. What are the best responses you have had to your work?
I’ve had a lot of good responses its hard for me to narrow down just one. If I had to, I have a patron who has bought a number of my pieces, commissioned as well as others. He’s an art collector and has notable works by the Canadian group of Seven in his collection. It’s an honor to have my work among such notable artists.

8. What do you like about your work?
I like that my work is an escape for me and a way for me to connect to people at the same time. As I mentioned earlier, its been a way for me to deal with my depression. I love what I do and I hope others do as well.




9. What advice would you give to other artists?
Jump. If you love art enough to want to make it your life, you need to jump. By that I mean, you need to make it your life. Wake up everyday and say “I’m going to further my art career today by doing X Y or Z. Paint, update your social media pages, network. Whatever if may be, do it.




10. Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
I hope to continue to build on what I’ve accomplished so far. I’d like to be in premier galleries in a big city such as New York or Toronto. I love what I’m doing right now and I don’t plan to stop. If you asked me 5 years ago where I’d be now, I’d say I’d want to be pretty close to where I am now.

I have an upcoming show in Toronto. To support me by purchasing tickets you can buy the at the following link www.rawartists.org/mikaldavis the show is Called ” Signature ” ticket purchases go a long may to helping me even if you can’t make it. I will include a free print to all who purchase through my email mikalsfineart@gmail .com, with “art Illustrated” in the subject line!
— Thanks, Mikal





Mikal Davis

Mikal Davis





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