Lindsey Cowley — ARTIST

Lindsey Cowley with "Miss Madeleine"

Lindsey Cowley with “Miss Madeleine”

Artist Lindsey Cowley

in her own words —





I am Lindsey Cowley, and my graphics company is Jupiter Falling. I have a hard time labeling myself. Honestly, most days I feel like an actor portraying different roles. I always knew I wanted to be an artist, but I feel like I haven’t earned the right. I’m caught between two worlds. It’s time to stop fighting the gravitational pull, and just fall. Get it? Jupiter Falling? I’m not great at jokes…



"Breathed In Flame"

“Breathed In Flame”

I have always been considered an “artsy” person. I’ve always known I wanted to work in a creative industry. Afraid of becoming a starving artist, I pursued a Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. If I’m being honest, I wish I had embraced my passion and received an education in painting, illustration and drawing instead. That being said, I have learned many valuable skills as a Graphic Designer that I now implement into my artwork.



My painting style has been described in a multitude of ways. Ranging from Pop Art to Comic Book-esque. It would be awesome to fall into these art styles, but I don’t think I quite fit. However, I have finally found a description that I agree with. My work is very “Graphic.” Not graphic in the pornographic or violent sense, but rather graphic design.


"Under Tow"

“Under Tow”

Having a background as a designer has influenced how I approach paintings. I use large flat chunks of color and break my subjects down into simplistic design elements. This can be seen by my use of shape, line and bright colors. I like making art that is visually impactful, yet has an element of playfulness. My main objective when it comes to art is to make something that brightens a room. If my work makes you smile, I have achieved my goal. Don’t get me wrong, I like making artwork that is “heavy and dark,” but there is something special about making someone smile versus stoically inspecting a piece.



The primary medium I work in is acrylic and canvas. I use to work in oils, but recently switched over to acrylic paint. It is more opaque and dries at a faster rate, which lets me put down multiple layers of paint to get the solid color blocks I desire. I get asked if my work is computer generated and printed on canvas, and the answer is no. I’m just a neat freak and I will paint the same line 18 times; or until I loose my mind and grow scales and destroy downtown Tokyo. Whichever happens first.

"World on Fire"

“World on Fire”




I hope I have given you a glance into the swirling vortex that is my mind. If you are thinking of making a move into any type of art career, my advice to you is, GO FOR IT! Don’t quit your day job, but get started. You may find you’re a full time artist within the year! Don’t make the mistake of looking back and regretting not going for it. I wish I hadn’t questioned my desires in the start. Working in the creative industry is possible, and it’s full of color and wonderfully unique people.

Good luck and I hope to meet you some day.



Lindsey Cowley

Lindsey Cowley