Debi Bond at Summerfest Logan Utah 2018

Patrons at Summerfest Logan Utah – 2018

Summerfest Logan Utah 2018 —

“Wow! You really captured him,” another spellbound viewer commented while comparing a featured painting, “Singing Cello”, with my friend Josiah, as he worked his magic on his own cello in front of my booth. I smiled, “Well, that painting was done before he was even born!”


Josiah playing by the painting “Singing Cello”


What a unique way to have my booth this year. One of my favorite subjects to paint are musicians. A young friend of ours, a master cello player, and my painting, “Singing Cello”, belonged together and so that is exactly what we did! As he sat under a tree across from me, he drew a mesmerized crowd all day. What a perfect win/win for us as the crowd then turned and walked into my tent.


Debi Bond’s booth


The entire weekend was beyond my hopes; spending time with new and old friends and selling more than a few pieces of my artwork. Some people remembered me from last year and had come back to purchase more of my work. Every artist’s dream. Lots of positive feedback came my way this year, giving me the encouragement to keep going.

Since the show, I already find my mind wondering through new ideas, new experiments to try, and ever-growing ways to create! Back to the drawing board I go, and off to new discoveries!




Debi Bond

Debi Bond


Artist Debi Bond is the Utah correspondent for Arts Illustrated




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