Emmanuel Carrère — WRITER

How Emmanuel Carrère Reinvented Nonfiction Late last October, as American electoral pandemonium was approaching its climax, I was in a living room in Paris where the 59-year-old French writer and filmmaker Emmanuel Carrère was talking about shame. “To write disagreeable things about the self, dishonorable things,” Carrère told me, reclining like an analysand on a […]

How to Write a Perfect Scene — WRITING

How to Write a Perfect Scene – by writer Lucy Adams   Any literature work consists of scenes. A thorough work on the plot of the story does not absolve the author from an equally thorough work on the scenes. Speaking in military terms, the polishing of scenes is tactics in the war for good […]

Michael Andreev — Artist/Writer

Михаил Андреев Зоттегем, Бельгия, 2016 Интервью с Исполнитель / Писатель Майкл Андреев – 1. Кто вы и что вы делаете? Я не столько художник, сколько арт-критик. До 40 лет я вообще был далек от искусства, а потом все изменилось. Раньше мои способности проявлялись в математике и физики, я получил высшее образование и степень кандидата физико-математических […]

Choosing a Topic for Your Future Book — WRITERS

How to Choose a Topic for Your Future Book – by writer Lucy Adams It is no secret that a writer often experiences some uncertainty when coming up with a topic. Whether to choose something that will certainly please the audience or take a chance and develop some personal idea, which may not cause a […]

The Ideal Library — WRITING

The Ideal Library by Luiz Valério de Paula Trindade —   Some years ago I used to have a private library at home holding slightly over 1,500 titles and for me, that was an amazing achievement. Not only due to the number of titles per se that I considered quite reasonable by that time but […]

The School That Saved Art!

  BRIDGEPORT, CONN. — Second-grader Yadeliz Santiago is joyously mashing black magic marker into a mound of white putty. She’s shaping the gray mass to depict a stage in the life cycle of a ladybug.

Can a Portrait Still Be Great Art?

  Can a Portrait Still Be Great Art? paintings and article by – Davis W. Morton   Compared to other features portrait artists try to represent, the most important feature that can make a portrait great is actually invisible. This feature has been called a spirit or a soul, a character or personality and in […]

Book Publishing in the Digital Age

Book publishing in the Digital Age, and times of streamed entertainment — by – Luiz Valério de Paula Trindade As it is widely known, in the early 20th century when the television was invented and started to enter the homes of millions of consumers across the globe, there were voices within the movie industry concerned […]

Brandon C. Jones — WRITER (Comedy)

  Interview with comedy writer Brandon C. Jones —     1. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Brandon C. Jones. I’m named after my father…well, chronologically. If I was literally named after my father, my name would be “Alleged, Jr.” I wrote a couple books, for the younger kids, a book […]

Claudio Parentela — ARTIST/WRITER

Interview with artist/writer Claudio Parentela —   1. Who are you and what do you do? I am Claudio Parentela, a visual artist and journalist freelance…. I live in Italy … in South Italy …. I do this wonderful work since over 20 years ….I paint, I create collages, installations. I also shoot a lot […]