January 2017 COVER


See Richard's article - Richard Chandler Hoff — ARTIST … [Read more]

E. Charles Rolwing III — ARTIST


Artist E. Charles Rolwing III in his own words —     The making of art is for me a journey of construction and destruction.  Each stroke comes out of my very soul, I paint with my heart on my sleeve. The most I can offer is to … [Read more]

Malinda Prudhome — ARTIST


Interview with artist Malinda Prudhomme —   1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi! I’m Malinda Prud’homme and I’m a full-time Mixed Media and Portrait Artist working from my cozy little studio in Toronto’s Art & Design … [Read more]

Filipe Batalha — MUSICIAN


Interview with musician Filipe Batalha —   1. Who are you and what do you do? Hi! I am Filipe Batalha and I am the vocalist and guitar player for Melodraw. Melodraw is a band I started in 2006 in Ericeira, near Lisbon, and we play … [Read more]

Choosing a Topic for Your Future Book — WRITERS


How to Choose a Topic for Your Future Book - by writer Lucy Adams It is no secret that a writer often experiences some uncertainty when coming up with a topic. Whether to choose something that will certainly please the audience or take a … [Read more]

Matt Vucic — MUSICIAN


Interview with musician and songwriter Matt Vucic — 1. Who are you and what do you do? I would consider myself a songwriter first. I also am a drummer, composer, and producer. Below is an excerpt from my bio. "Matt Vucic’s musical roots are … [Read more]

Día Fuentes Martín — ARTISTA


Entrevista a Diana Fuentes — Lewinson Art le hizo una entrevista a la artista Diana Fuentes, quien tiene como nombre artístico Día Fuentes Martín, es integrante de Lewinson Art y exhibirá el 11 de Diciembre en el Foro Artístico del Centro … [Read more]

Minna White — ARTIST


Interview with artist Minna White —   l am a wool artist.  I create large wool felt panels such as wall-hangings and floor rugs, pieces that could also be draped over furniture.  I use thin layers of base colors and overlay them with … [Read more]

Frank Herrmann — ARTIST


  Interview with artist Frank Herrmann — 1. Who are you and what do you do? I am the older of two sons born to a homemaker mother and an auto mechanic father from Westmont, New Jersey, and the first person in my family to graduate from … [Read more]

Kerry James Marshall — ARTIST


  People say we’re in the middle of a second civil rights movement, and we are. The only surprise is that the first one ever ended. The artist Kerry James Marshall was there for it. He was just a kid then, born in Birmingham, Ala., in 1955. … [Read more]