Slava Nikolaev — ARTIST


  Interview with artist Slava Nikolaev —       1. Who are you and what do you do? I am Slava Nikolaev, an artist and I draw all the time. In breaks, I became a husband, a father, and a … [Read more]

Phadi Mubda Alattalla — ARTIST


    مقابلة مع الفنان فادي مندي عطا الله - 1. من أنت وماذا تفعل؟ اسمي فادي مبدى العطاللة، فنان تشكيلي من سوريا، ايضا انا نرويجي … [Read more]

Gary Panter — When a Hillbilly and Milton Collide – ART


  Gary Panter is a painter first. But he’s still probably best known for the wild and woolly comics he started scrawling back in the late 1970s and early ’80s for the likes of the Los Angeles punk zine Slash, and Françoise Mouly and Art … [Read more]

Jaime Castro Santoro — ARTIST


Entrevista de Débora Lewinson con el pintor Jaime Castro Santoro, miembro de Lewinson Art -   1.De donde eres ? Soy de Santiago de Chile, donde crecí, estudié e hice buena parte de mi vida profesional. 2) Como fue que te … [Read more]

Mrinal Dutt — ARTIST


Interview with the artist Mrinal Dutt —   1. Who are you and what do you do? My name is Mrinal Dutt from Ahmedabad India I am a 26 years young talented artist. I am is basically an electrical engineer who turned into a professional … [Read more]

Remembering – José Luis Cuevas – ARTIST


Lewinson Art siente el fallecimiento del gran artista José Luis Cuevas a quien le hizo una entrevista en mayo 2007 — El reconocido artista José Luis Cuevas falleció el día de ayer 3 de julio 2017 , lo cual siento mucho, ya que  tuve el … [Read more]

Marianne Moore & other best poetry


New Collected Poems of Marianne Moore (FSG), edited by Heather Cass White, gives readers a fresh perspective on the legacy of Marianne Moore, considered one of America’s most influential modernist poets. Moore, whose awards included a Pulitzer … [Read more]

Shawn Marie Hardy — ARTIST


  Interview with artist Shawn Marie Hardy — 1. Who are you and what do you do? I am mixed-media artist, Shawn Marie Hardy, aka Collage-a-Dada, and I currently make my home in Eugene, Oregon in the United States. I've been an artist for as … [Read more]

Bernard Moutin — ARTIST


Entretien avec l'artiste Bernard Moutin -   1. Qui êtes-vous et que faites-vous? Après une formation d'architecte, j'ai été consultant pendant plus de 30 ans. J'ai arrêté cette activité professionnelle en 2012 et je me consacre … [Read more]

Ginny Zipperer — ARTIST


Article by artist Ginny Zipperer for Arts Illustrated My name is Ginny Zipperer. I am a midwesterner transplanted to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I have lived for almost 20 years.  I work with clay and my main focus right now is producing … [Read more]